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15 years in the IT industry. Former Lead Genius at Apple. Certified for both PC and Mac repairs, troubleshooting, and networking.

I’ve always had a passion for computers, all things technology, and anything with a screen. In my younger years I built PCs and started acquiring certifications fresh out of high school. I then graduated from the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts in 2005, where I discovered my love for Apple systems.

In 2007 I joined Apple and worked my way from sales, to trainer, and finally Lead Genius. I stayed with Apple for just over 7 years before becoming Howard County Public Schools on-site computer repair technician—managing over 3000 repairs each year, as their lead technician.

Continuing my search for a rewarding experience, I joined the team at Carnegie Science to provide a wide array of IT and AV support. Servicing both PC and Mac systems, producing social media live-streams and content, and directly supporting biologists by solving IT headaches and workflow opportunities.

Now, I am offering my services to you—on a one-on-one personal basis. Let me solve your IT problems so you can keep your mind on what's important.

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